• Steven Addison

    Steven Addison is a highly skilled and experienced lead developer at MarfotechGroup, a renowned tech service provider. With expertise in web and mobile development, Steven Addison delivers high-quality code and exceptional user experiences. His leadership inspires the team to strive for excellence, ensuring successful project execution. Steven Addison’s passion for innovation keeps MarfotechGroup at the forefront of technological advancements. His commitment to exceeding client expectations drives the company’s success and reputation.

  • TBA
    V.P of Sales and Marketing

    To be announced

  • Webster AJ. Marfo
    Founder & President

    Webster AJ. Marfo brings over 15 years of experience in the IT services industry to the MarfoTechGroup. The variety of roles throughout his career, including SMB IT support, supply chain, inventory management, logistics, operations, project, and channel account management gives him the valuable expertise that he shares with his team. Within these roles, he has delivered leadership and continuous business progresses across all working disciplines. During his leisure, Webster enjoys working on servers, programming and helping out the local communities.

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