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$15.00 / month

Get remote/Onsite software support for all your users on your computer devices from experienced technicians. Our home/SOHO software support gives you a,

  • Peace of mind,
  • with no hidden fees,
  • an added software protection,
  • all handled by top-notch technicians

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# of users per device

$15/user (choose the number of users per device(s))

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Get remote/onsite software support for all your SOHO/SMB devices from experienced technicians. Our remote/onsite support includes,

  • Software diagnostics, installs, updates, configurations, uninstalls at $15 per user account on a device per month.
  • Software(s) needed to replace defective one(s) are not included in the monthly subscription and are additional cost to customer if there is a need for replacement. Also, customer(s) cover(s) any subscriptions or licenses renewals for any software they have as that’s not included in your monthly subscription fee.
  • Software Support covers laptops, desktops, tablets, printers, and mobile devices. For computers we support Windows Os and for Phones we support Android Os and IOS devices.
  • 2 support calls allowed per month for each device under your account irrespective of the user count per that device has and all service calls should be initiated during normal business hours. Support calls left on one device are not transferrable to other devices in your account if latter is exhausted.
  • House calls for software issues can be arranged at the request of the customer but are an additional $125 per visit included in addition to monthly fee. Travel radius must be within 35 miles from Manchester NH
  • We offer customers the ability to ship laptops/tablets/phones only. (Customer pays for shipment and is encouraged to purchase insurance and pack the device well)
  • We offer software recommendations.
  • This plan doesn’t include virus scans and removals and data backup/recovery. see our shopping page for our other plans.

Additional information

# of users per device

$15/user (choose the number of users per device(s))


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